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Meet NEKOIN, the token with a heart and a mission! 🐾 Not just another crypto, but a movement to make a difference. With our DeFi utilities, you can stake, farm, and grow your investment while helping animals in need.








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The Rise of Nekoins

NEKOIN ($NEKOIN) is a community-driven, cat meme-themed cryptocurrency project built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Our primary focus is on community building, animal rescue, charity, and decentralized finance (DeFi) utilities. We believe in the power of collective action and the potential of blockchain technology to foster positive social change

The purpose of NEKOIN is to create a fun, engaging, and rewarding platform that brings together the crypto community and animal lovers worldwide. We aim to leverage the power of memes and the appeal of cats to raise awareness about animal rescue and contribute to charitable causes.


NEKOIN aims to create a sustainable and rewarding ecosystem for its community while making a positive impact on the world. We invite everyone to join us in our mission to support animal rescue and welfare through the power of blockchain technology and the love of cats.
We prioritize the creation of a supportive and engaged community. We believe that our strength lies in our numbers and the shared passion of our members.
We are committed to supporting animal rescue organizations and charities. A significant portion of our funds will be allocated to these causes.
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    Community Building

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    Animal Rescue

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    DeFi Utilities

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Our Nekoins

The charity receives a substantial donation from the NFT sale, heightened awareness, and a steady funding source from the project's revenue. Investors, in return, gain exclusive access to features, staking rewards, priority for future NFT drops, and unique experiences or goods linked to the NFTs. This strategy creates a win-win scenario, enhancing benefits for both parties as the project succeeds.



Phase 01

June 2023

NEKOIN Token Launch

* Official launch of NEKOIN

* Initial liquidity provision.

* Begin community building efforts.

* Initiate marketing campaigns.

Phase 02

July 2023

Development and Partnerships

* Marketing campaigns.

* Development of Staking and Farming Utilities

* NEKOIN wallet within the app

* Partnerships with animal welfare organizations

* Welfare NFT release.

Phase 03

August 2023

Utility Launch and First Charity Donation

* Launch of staking and farming utilities.

* First donation to animal rescue charities.

* Release of NEKOIN wallet within the app.

* Begin development of governance system for token holders.

Phase 04

September 2023

Governance and Continued Partnerships

* Implement governance system for token holders.

* Continue partnerships with animal welfare organizations.

* Begin development of NEKOIN merchandise store.

* Second donation to animal rescue charities.

Phase 05

October 2023

Merchandise Launch and DeFi Expansion

* Launch of NEKOIN merchandise store

* Start development of community DAO

* Begin development of lending and borrowing utilities

* Third donation to animal rescue charities

Phase 06

November 2023

Community Voting and Lending Utilities

* Implement community voting system

* Launch of lending and borrowing utilities

* Begin development of yield optimization strategies

* Fourth donation to animal rescue charities

Phase 07

December 2023

Yield Optimization and Year-End Reflection

* Implement yield optimization strategies

* Expansion of DeFi utilities

* End of year community event and reflection on achievements

* Fifth donation to animal rescue charities

Contact Us

We're always excited to hear from our community! Whether you have a question, suggestion, or just want to share your thoughts about Project NEKOIN, we're here to listen.
For general inquiries, please reach out to us at our official email. We aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours.




We will never ask for your private keys or personal information. Be aware of scammers and only use the official contact methods listed on our website.

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